Best Electric Pencil Sharpener Buying Guide

The hottest electric pencil sharpener brands

Ah, the ever present and sometimes forgotten friend of the office. We love our electric pencil sharpeners, but we tend to put them off to one side of our desk and forget them. I happen to have mine on top of the file cabinet. I end up forgetting it is there until a pencil in the house needs to be sharpened. The electric pencil sharpeners that are on the market today comes in all shapes and sizes to accommodate different areas and needs found in an office. Some desks are small and only have a little bit of space to put them on, while others are large and can accommodate a larger electric pencil sharpener. Within this variety, there are heavy duty ones that can hold up under daily, frequent usage in an office or school room. There are also light duty sharpeners that are occasionally used, or at most, once a day.Many come with just one opening that can accommodate a #2 pencil. Put the pen in, and it quickly comes out with a sharp point. Then there are others that well suited for the school system because they have the option of sharpening 6different sizes of pencils. Some sharpeners are noisy, and some are reticent. The purpose of the electric pencil sharpens to quickly and efficiently sharpen the pencil only once.

Best Electric Pencil Sharpener

The X-acto Quiet Desktop electric Pencil and Crayon Sharpener, model number 1750, has had various reviews.   It can quickly bring the pencil to a sharp point. You’ll need to get used to the whirring it makes while sharpening the pencil, in comparison to the one when it stops cutting. These are two different sounds, but neither one is loud. Knowing what these sounds mean will let you know that your pencil is sharp. X-acto states that there is a safety feature which keeps it from operating when the receptacle is not in. It is also quieter than some of the other brands, and this makes it particularly useful in a classroom or an office environment. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are some customers who found that it worked for a while. One had mechanical problems after heavy usage in the classroom; they opened it and discovered that a plastic drive gear was stripped. Another found that it did not finish sharping the pencils like it should.

Quick walk through about Best Pencil Sharpener from X-Acto

X- Acto has been around in this business for many years now, and this electric pencil sharpener manufacturer has become more aware of their customer needs and requirements. Many people see X-Acto as the best brand for electric pencil sharpener in the market. This company has come up with an array of impressive products including the X-Acto (1818) Electric Pencil Sharpener. Without a doubt, it has to be one of the best electric pencil sharpeners you can choose. Its excellent design has to be one of the most attractive parts of this electric pencil sharpener beside its over-sharpening features and other technology. More interestingly, it is no way that you can overheat this new pencil sharpener as it comes with an auto reset technology. Besides its price, it is pretty hard for any of us to find some drawbacks of this pencil sharpener.

Why choose Electric Pencil Sharpener

A good reason to want and electric pencil sharpener over the manual version is it can more accurately sharpen the pencil to a point, does it quickly, and with a lot less frustration. I don’t think that I am the only person who has struggled with the little manual sharpener (plastic or metal) and with the hand-cranked ones I used in school as a child. It’s easy to over sharpen the pencil and then break the point. For some manuals, the pencil would not come to a point, because by the time it did, the sharp point would break off.Depending on how good you manual sharpener was would determine how quickly you could sharpen it.

What could be more important than the best electric pencil sharpener on the table of your office or on your student desk? When you find your pencil in a blunt condition, you can simply rely on this useful item to get yourself back on the right track. The pencil sharpener in so important that you might miss it once you do not find anywhere near your workplace or your room. Of course, the market of stationery is now filled with many different pencil sharpeners, and you have all the freedom to make your choice on this product. The old and traditional pencil sharpeners are about to be nothing more than a part of our ancient history. Now, we have electric pencil sharpeners that come with a more sophisticated features to make our pencil sharpening experience a lot easier and fun.

In almost anything we pick out, we tend to come up with our ow preferences. Since there are many different electric pencil sharpeners to choose out there, it would be best if we can bring home the best electric pencil sharpener. However, this quality item does not show up just like that. It takes more efforts from us to spend more energy and time to make some comparisons and come up with the best result possible. You should be very grateful that you are nowhere, reading this article. You should not look elsewhere as we are about to share you the top 3 electric pencil sharpeners in the market in the following paragraphs.

There are many manufacturers who are now producing electric sharpeners for pencils. The industry of pencil sharpener has grown up very rapidly, to win the competition, many of them decided to equip their pencil sharpener products with some sophisticated additional features. They also aim to present their products in a more stylish and elegant design. Some of the added features including superior ergonomic designs, USB power, compact size design, impact resistance and quality blades are meant to enhance the functionality of this item. In general, all the manufacturers are trying their best to introduce more energy-efficient electric pencil sharpener with smooth operation and a more affordable price. Here are the top 3 electric pencil sharpeners that we have on our list.

Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener from ElectricSchool

If you look for a good electric pencil sharpener that comes with non-traditional style, then ElectricSchool Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener should be your first choice. This item apparently covered with a contemporary design from the School Smarts. It should be very easy for anyone to do the sharpening task with this new sharpener more efficiently. Not only that this item comes with a very user-friendly feature, but it is also pretty safe. Your children will find no problem in using this item without making a mess. In addition to its versatile design, this electric pencil sharpener is also equipped with helical steel blade, a heavy-duty motor and auto pencil stop. You can also enjoy a more stable operation as this pencil sharpener now comes with non-skid rubber pads. Then again, its more impressive features have made the price of this item higher in the market.

There you have it, top electric pencil sharpener you can find in the market these days. It is your personal budget and personal needs that determine which one to choose.

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