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mechanical pencil reviewsNowadays, it is quite tricky to choose the perfect mechanical pencil. We are used to take notes on our tablets and phones, which means we usually forget how it is to write with a qualitative product. So, let`s say you are in need of a notebook and a tool for writing. Pens represent the first option due to the fact that they are cheap and can be found anywhere. But if you are looking for a real writing experience, you should opt for a pencil. A pencil allows you to feel the paper and to erase anything at any given time. Mechanical pencils brands are quite popular, but there are a few qualitative products. Some break easily, while others can function for an extended period of time. So, let`s see which mechanical pencil is the best.

One of the most popular items on the market is Rotring 600. It is true that there were released several pencils that represent an improved version of this one, but the 600 series is still the best. This happens because it is both affordable and useful. Moreover, its metal design provides the perfect weight and balance, which allows you to write easily. Its price goes around 25 dollars and it is worth to the last penny.

Another popular writing instrument is Alvin Draft Matic. The best thing about it is the fact that it is profitable. The thing that sets apart this pencil is that it comes with various colors and thicknesses. Hence, you can choose between a flashy yellow that features 0.3 mm and black, blue and brown with 0.5 mm. Also, there are available other dimensions like the 0.7 mm and 0.9 mm. This mechanical pencil is made out of plastic, but it is still qualitative and worth a try. It costs no more than 10 dollars and it will last longer than many other products that are available on the market.

Autopoint Twinpoint All-American is a fancy name for the most versatile mechanical pencil you will encounter. Its popularity derives from the fact that it comes with two ends: a black and a red one. It is quite helpful due to the fact that you are not forced to switch pencils when you want to underline something. You will simply have to twist it and the color is changed. Furthermore, it is not so expensive and you can buy it for around 10 dollars, depending on the place you purchase it from. I highly suggest Pentel mechanical pencils.

So, how do you decide which pencil is best for you? It is a simple process if you follow closely the following tips. First of all, the material from which the instrument is made is important. Always remember that a heavy pencil can cause difficulties during writing. The metal instruments are expensive, but qualitative. Anyway, there are various items made of durable plastic that can offer similar writing experience. Another important factor is the lead. If the lead is wider, you will write easier. But this is not a golden rule. There are many customers that opt for a smaller lead because they feel more comfortable about it.

Writing instruments are sometimes treated as though they’re all disposable and cheap, but some mechanical pencils are worth investing a little bit of extra money into. You don’t have to spend much to get a great mechanical writing pencil. With so many mechanical pencils on the market, how to you choose which one to buy and use? How can you know you’re getting quality for your money?

To answer this question, we’ve collected a series of the top 3 best mechanical pencils available. These pencils are for general use, not targeted for any specific use like architectural grafting or blueprint drawing.


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