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Cool Mechanical Pencils for Everyday Use

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2222The choice of a pencil entirely depends on the purpose of its usage. However there exist a certain mechanical pencil known as “Cool Mechanical Pencil”, such as Pentel Mechanical Pencils which can serve you needs in any way you want and this will also eliminate the need for keeping different pencils at a same time. Why it is called a mechanical pencil? Well the explanation is here. It consists of an internal mechanism which slightly rotates the lead of the pencil after every time you write or draft. This enables you to have the sharpest edge of the pencil every time you want to write. This results in some extraordinary and amazing hand writing. The traditional lead pencil would have to be sharpened every time you use it but with this new cool mechanical pencil there no need to sharp the pencil every time you write as its internal mechanism will automatically take care of this matter by providing you with the sharpest edge possible. Thanks its auto rotational system that there is no need to rotate it in hands to find the sharper edge as you used to do in case of ordinary lead pencils. This will enable you to save time. The notes making will become fast task and also all the writing and drafting done by you, will have the same and consistent thickness and uniformity throughout the work. The best thing about this mechanical pencil is that, it provides you with a luxurious experience. It feels like if you are holding a ballpoint pen and writing with it. If your writing is small then you will not have to worry as this pencil will assist you in writing such letters with a great clarity, enabling the reader to understand every bit of your writing. The Mechanical Pencil Reviewclick on the top of the pencil enables to elongate the length of the lead as per your requirement. The clip which is attached on the cap of this pencil stops this pencil from getting lost in your pocket. You can easily clip it to the side of your front or any other pocket where it can be found with great ease when needed. For a more comfort and ease of the user, a rubber pad is also provided at the grip of the pencil. Which not only enhances the gripping experience of the pencil but it also relieves the user’s fingers from the stress that may arise due to continuous grip of the pencil.

Just put the slight pressure on the pencil while writing and this will trigger the rotating mechanism and this will enhance your writing experience to some of the amazing experiences.

There is also an eraser provided with the pencil which removes the need of keeping a separate eraser. Also this eraser is quite handy when an instant erasing action is required. This mechanical pencil can be used for professional drafting and art works as well. Go on clicking till you have achieved the desired length of the lead and then you will be able to easily fix it against long rulers and stencils. The level of precision and quality of work that is provided by this lead pencil cannot be got from anywhere else. These pencils are made up of very strong elements which make these pencils more durable. The shock resisting body of the pencil protects the lead core inside the pencil from getting cracked in case of accidental slips or falls. For side click lovers, there are many mechanical pencils which you can review here that are available in market which come equipped with side clicks. There are many other models as well which provide some other decent features as well. The twisting mechanism has also gained good popularity in this world of pencils. In such a sort of pencil, the user just has to twist the upper cap of the pencil, in order to advance the lead out of the pencil opening. These pencils come with very high quality leads. The leads usually found as default in such pencils is HB or simply H. But it can be exchanged easily with other lead types. This strong quality lead doesn’t does not break on minor falls and shocks. In order words, it is a completely advanced pencil which is equipped with a mechanically highly advanced mechanism of auto rotating lead. With a number of other handful features, this cool mechanical pencil can become you best writing and drafting companion!

My Top 3 Mechanical Pencils

  • Uni-Ball Kuru Toga

These pencils were originally designed and made in Japan. For years they were not sold in the US at all, but that has changed and they are now easy to find at any large office store. This pencil has a smooth feel and a sleek, attractive design that doesn’t appear clunky or awkward. The clicker is easy to use and not loud. Grips on this pencil are comfortable and you can add your own grips separately if desired.

The most unique thing about this pen is the internal design that is built to rotate the lead. Most people rotate the mechanical pencil in their hands when using it in order to get the sharpest point of the lead onto the paper whenever possible, but the design of this pencil removes the need for manual rotating. Instead, each time you write the lead is rotated slightly from inside to keep you always writing with the pointiest tip.

  • Pentel Sharp Kerry

If you’re looking for a mechanical pencil with a little more professional of an appearance, this pencil can be what you need. Everything about it is low profile and professional, even the top clicker, making it great for an office environment or for those who are trying to dress to impress and don’t want a funny-looking pencil to stick out.

The capped design of this pencil is both fashionable and functional, as it keeps the lead from poking you as you carry the pencil. It also ensures that lead is kept sharp and unbroken while the pencil is in your pocket. If you’re left-handed, this pencil is also a good choice for you because of its easy grips.

  • Pentel Graph Gear 1000

As a drafting pencil, you can expect a sturdy metal design body with a great grip. This pencil does not disappoint as the body feel strong and durable while the grip is soft enough not to slip or rotate in your hand as you’re writing. It has a built-in lead hardness indicator as well as a retracting tip that keeps you from accidentally marking lines or breaking the lead.

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