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Pentel Mechanical Pencils

Pentel pencilI first purchased the Pentel Mechanical Pencils because I was sick and tired of my pencils breaking all the time. Even if I sharpened them until they were as sharp as they could be, the lead still grated away as soon as I put it onto paper. This, of course, became very frustrating after a period of time and that is why I decided to invest in my very first Pentel Pencil.

So the reason why I chose to invest in Pentel is because they claim that it is superior when it comes to technical work. The company also said that it was great for drawing, writing and drafting, and, being an architect, this was at the forefront of most of the work that I do. The reason why I love these pencils so much is because they really do give you a high amount of both precision and accuracy. This combined with the eraser makes them incredibly useful when you have a minor error on the page that just needs to start over. On top of this, it comes with a non-slip grip as well so that is an added bonus for me.

To say that this pencil is the best pencil I have ever used would be unfair, because I never took notice of the other pencils that I’ve had in my possession. Even so, this pencil is certainly one of the only pencils that I can safely say hasn’t let me down yet. It has a sturdy design and most of all; it is comfortable which, after hours of drawing, is a good feature.

Advantages of Owning a Cool Mechanical Pencil from Pentel

You’re in the middle of writing or drawing something and your standard pencil breaks. What do you do? You’ve got to get up and sharpen it so you can get back to work. When you own a cool mechanical pencil, an incident is no longer an issue. You just initiate the feed mechanism with a click and you’re back to work right away.

There are many brands of mechanical pencils available today, but Pentel mechanical pencils offer a superior user experience. Here are the advantages you get when you own a cool mechanical pencil from this brand.

  • Continuous feeding. The mechanical mechanisms of this brand continually feed lead into the pencil sleeve, which saves users time and reduces lead breakage.
  • Made from recycled products. Pentel offers mechanical pencils in their Recycology line of products that are made from more than 70% recycled materials.
  • Multiple options. Lead sizes are available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm for proper line size. Users also have multiple color choices in each lead size category.

Pentel has been making some of the best products in their industry for over 70 years. Many mechanical pencils that you’ll find available for sale today are based on the innovative designs which Pentel originally pioneered. There is no outsourcing of the manufacturing process and no other brand can make such a claim.

If you want a cool mechanical pencil with a world-class level of quality and innovation, then look to see what the Pentel brand can provide. It will change the way you think about pencils.

Overall, I love this pencil and I’m certainly going to try some of the other pencil products that are out there. I’d suggest it to anyone who is in the same, or a similar line of work and it is great for budding artists and professional writers.

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