10 Features a Mechanical Pencil for Drawing Simply Must Have

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Mechanical pencil is one of the most powerful tools in the world of drawing or sketching. The modern pencil refers to the pencil with a refillable, mechanically extendable solid pigment core called a lead. The lead is usually made of graphite and not attached to the internal structure, or casing, of the pencil. Due to its mechanism and extensive use for both general and specific purposes, the mechanical pencil has many alternate names including automatic pencil, technical pencil, clutch pencil, click pencil, lead pencil, pen pencil, pump lead, lead holder, pacer/spacer, or drafting pencil. In fact, the mechanical pencil is also an essential tool for sketching, drawing, and painting. With a vast array of the mechanical pencil options flooding the market, it takes some effort to fall the choice over the best mechanical pencil for drawing skills. You can compare Kuru Toga Pencils by clicking here.

mechanical pencil for drawing
What Can You Expect from the Best Mechanical Pencil for Drawing?
Since its first use in the 18th century, the mechanical pencil has undergone some visible changes, and many designs are patented. Two most famous patents belong to U.S invetor Charles R. Keeran for the Ever-Sharp design and Japanese inventor Tokuji Hayakawa for the mechanical pencil’s metal core. The Keeran’s design is still seen in today’s mechanical pencil. Over the centuries, additional features have been added to this sophisticated pencil to fulfill specific needs and allow a higher scale of use. The following features are what make a mechanical pencil called best mechanical pencil for drawing or simply the best artist mechanical pencil.
#1. Consistent line
The mechanical pencil creates a consistent mark on paper or any surface.
#2. Balance
The size and weight of the mechanical pencil creates balance in your hand when using it.
#3. Refillable
If the pencil runs out of lead, there is a wide range of lead options to choose from in terms of diameters and graphite hardness.
#4. Built-in Sharpener
The pencil is designed with a built-in sharpener that allows easy, instant sharpening.
#5. Eco-friendly
The mechanical pencil can last for up to seven years, more or less, depending on frequency of use. Some models are manufactured of recycled materials.
#6. Comfortable use
The newest mechanical pencils are designed ergonomically and employ padded grips.
#7. Extensive choice
The pencil has been part of lifestyle. It is available in a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.
#8. Precision
The pencil is suitable for making lines that need high precision such as designing building constructions, writing Kanji, or making small handwriting.
#9. Versatility
The pencil is an ideal marking, drawing, or writing tool for travel. It fits in your pocket or bag very well.
#10. Portability
Some mechanical pencils feature retractable points and clips that make it handy and safe for storage.
Each time you hunt the best mechanical pencil for drawing in the stationary stores, consider the features based on the list you have seen above.

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